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Don’t want to get woken up by a customer or client at 3 A.M. because the website is down? Afraid you’ll get caught on vacation when something catches on digital fire? Let us give you peace of mind.

HELP! My website got hacked! It’s super slow! It needs updates!

One of the most common misconceptions business owners and website administrators face is when a website is launched and working it will always stay that way; secure, fast, and up to date.

Platforms such as WordPress or Magento, the most common content and eCommerce platforms, are highly susceptible to malicious attacks from humans and other computers. This is why it is absolutely critical your website is protected with a suite of anti-malware, anti-virus, and security features at all times – otherwise, you’re giving the hacker keys to your website. IMWerks can help to keep your website from getting hacked, fix it if it is hacked, make sure it’s operating at the highest speeds, and keep it up to date.

The ultimate takeaway from website maintenance…websites are like cars – routine maintenance and care are critical. Downtime is revenue lost!

Website Security

With our suite of Website Security Tools we cover all of the bases for you, all the time. Some of the most common attacks such as brute force attacks and password cracking are eliminated before they get started. The security of your website is integral to establishing confidence in your business with customers.


Let’s face it, the internet is like the Wild Wild West. Every day there are new attacks, new vulnerabilities, and easier ways for hackers to insert malicious code into your website. Our comprehensive suite of Anti-Malware tools automatically patch, repair, or quarantine suspicious files and known malicious scripts.

Core Updates

Keeping your website up to date helps to ensure the latest compatibility with customer devices, prevent malicious attacks, and ensure a positive experience when visiting your website. Our maintenance routines and management tools allow us to keep your website up to date without you having to worry about it.

Database Optimization

Your database is where all of the content, records, and settings for your website are stored. It is critical to websites, especially those with high traffic and customer interactive features, that a website database is maintained regularly. Maintenance includes optimizing database tables, cleaning old records, and verifying the overall integrity.

Up Time Monitoring

While IMWerks does everything possible to keep a website online 100% of the time occasionally things happen that are beyond our control. This is why all of our websites under maintenance plans have up time monitoring with 5 second interval checks and multiple notifications in the event of a suspected outage. We keep an eye on your website so you don’t have to.

3rd Party Updates

3rd Party updates should be regularly installed on any website to ensure security and compatibility are maintained. Performing these updates often takes longer than expected due to the convoluted instructions provided by 3rd Party vendors. We are experts in the field of reading developer documentation and can assist with performing 3rd Party updates on any licensed components.

Maintenance Plans and Pricing

Time is money. Our proven website & server maintenance solutions are they key to allowing you to focus on what matters – selling, customer service, and growth.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Our hotel has seen a tremendous growth over the past two years. A big thanks to IMWerks’ team for always being there when we call, and helping our business to reach the next level.

We recommend them to fellow small business owners.”

Brian C.

“We have always relied on the traditional word of mouth marketing, trade show selling, and partner retailers. Since working with IMWerks we have been able to more effectively engage both retail and wholesale customers. They really helped to streamline our process and get us found.” Zeke T.

“I have some new web developers that I have been working with and am very impressed with… If you are looking for a new website or help with your current site message me for more information. This is one weak link I’ve always found in my businesses but I finally have found some guys who really rock!!! These guys can really help your business get found on the internet.” Nathan F.

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